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Posted on 17th January 2013 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting


cloud_host_by_vinnis-d33nylnAre  you looking to switch to the cloud?  If you are there are many important factors that you should pay attention to before switching to the cloud.  You can start saving time and money in the cloud but you should pay attention to these few tips in order to make the most out of cloud hosting.

Don’t Go With Cheap

Cheapest isn’t always the best option.  There are many hosting companies out there that are trying to pass off virtual hosting for cloud hosting.  They charge the typical $7.95 a month or something like this.  These are not cloud hosting accounts, you don’t have dedicated resources and your own IP.

Cheap cloud hosting accounts also typically have crappy hardware, you don’t want this.  You want the best hardware running your site possible so that your site stays up 24/7.  What if your site went down for an hour, what would you do?  What if it went down for a day?  Think about this when you’re trying to go after a cheap hosting account.  Even people that are new to the internet and cloud hosting can get good deals on hosting.

Use A Platform

I’ve spoken in the past about using WordPress or Blogger for your back end of your blog.  Many of these are very easy to use and can transition very easily from one hosting provider to the next.  Typically when transitioning from an old host to a new if you’re using WordPress you can do this within a couple minutes.  It’s also very friendly for SEO to use cloud hosting.

Using a platform also keeps everything in the right place and organized.  This helps not max out your servers ram and other things that keep your cloud hosting server up and working.

Most important above all is to stay up with your plugins, upgrades and tools to help things run more smoothly on your server.  This will help it run optimally and save you time and money with your new cloud server.


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