Rackspace Cloud Server Review


Posted on 16th April 2010 by cloudhostingguy

Rackspace Cloud Server Features

• On-demand Server Instances
• Complete Flexibility and Control
• Scale Up and Back Down Again

STEP ONE: Build Your Cloud Server
Pull out your credit card, pick your server size and click ‘build’. It’s that simple.

STEP TWO: Do Your Thing
Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, PHP, Java and more–it’s your call. How about an application server? Apache, MySQL,
Mongrel–Cloud Servers can run anything you need.

STEP THREE: Save the Day
Need a bigger server? Hit the upgrade button and resize instantly. Want to add servers based on demand? Use our REST-based APIs to build servers on the fly. High availability and failover? Design your solutions using our shared IP settings. Cloud Servers claims to solves your problems, magically.

I’ve got to say that I’m highly impressed in what Rackspace Cloud Sites offers, particularly at the price. Most days we don’t have any issues, and the site purrs along through huge traffic spikes and quiet days alike.

If you’re looking for hosting that scales and you don’t want to go near a dedicated server, Rackspace Cloud Sites is a VPS service re-imagined to be something much better again.

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