Rackspace Cloud Files Review


Posted on 16th April 2010 by cloudhostingguy

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Rackspace Cloud Files Features

• Unlimited, Inexpensive Web Storage
• Accessible via API or File Manager
• Powered by a Fast, Tier One CDN

STEP ONE: Upload Your Data
Cloud Files supports any static content up to 5 GB in size–from backups to images to video files. You can add new content to Cloud Files through our online control panel or programmatically through our API.

STEP TWO: Everything’s Automatically Replicated
Cloud Files provides data redundancy by replicating full copies of the data across multiple computers in multiple zones.
Zones within our data centers are physically separate from each other, reside on different power supplies /generators,
and have separate Internet backbone providers.

STEP THREE: Limelight Brings Your Data to the World
Cloud Files is tied directly

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