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Posted on 16th April 2010 by cloudhostingguy

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Starts at $10.95/mo or 1.5¢/hr
  • Pay by the hour for each instance
  • No long-term contracts—pay only for what you use
  • Bandwidth available for 7¢/GB in and 22¢/GB out
  • No contracts. No setup fees. Cancel at any time.

The Rackspace Cloud can quickly scale to thousands of servers to make resources available as they’re needed. Rackspace Cloud hosting customers never need to worry about buying new hardware to meet increasing traffic demands or huge traffic spikes.

Rackspace Cloud offers three hosting products: Cloud Servers for on-demand computing power; Cloud Sites for robust web hosting; and Cloud Files for elastic online file storage and CDN.

Getting Started with Rackspace Cloud Hosting

Step One: Build Your Cloud Server
Pull out your credit card, pick your server size and click ‘build’. It’s that simple.
Step Two: Run Exactly What You Need
Ruby on Rails. Python and Django. PHP, Java and more – it’s your call. How about an application server?
Apache, Mysql, Mongrel – Cloud Servers can run anything you need.

Step Three: Scale to Meet Demand
Need a bigger server? Hit the upgrade button and resize instantly. Want to add servers based on

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