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Posted on 9th March 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

The scope of cloud hosting is variable but the most basic type of hosting service is a web page where the user can upload the files and pictures. The personal web hosting service is totally free of cost and the people can have the free hosting from any service provider easily. It is economical to use the free hosting service but the user can use this type of web page only for personal use.

It is not possible to use the free hosting service for business purpose. Cloud hosting service is a service that is best for any type of business and industry. Therefore if you are business related person or a company holder then cloud hosting service can provide you a lot of benefits and advantages. You can boost up your business with the help of cloud hosting service. Similarly you can advertise your products in the whole world. Most of the companies launch their websites to advertise their products in the market.

The selection of a type of hosting service is very important due to difference in the features of various types of hosting services. Cloud hosting is very appropriate for any type of business. This hosting can handle your small scale or large scale business. The cloud hosting service is nearly similar to shared hosting service because both are cost effective techniques for the people.

Important types of web hosting

There are several types of web hosting in the world but some important and mostly used types of hosting include free web hosting, shared web hosting. Dedicated web hosting, dedicated service and managed service. Among these types of services the cloud hosting is prominent because it is a new and latest technology.

The cloud web hosting is a new type of hosting and it allows the users to reliable hosting service. The cloud hosted websites are more regular and reliable due to a network of computers. When a single computer goes down the others can compensate the situation. Therefore this type of hosting service is more reliable and effective. The cloud hosting service provides a service that is free of any type of interference.

Why to choose cloud hosting service

It is a very important question that why to select the cloud hosting service for business. There are several features of cloud hosting service that stimulates to choose this service. The important one is free access to internet connection.

Similarly another important feature is huge wider space for various purposes. The customer can scale up or scale down according to the traffic levels. You cannot enjoy this feature with other hosting services. Similarly the metered billing of cloud hosting is also a very important feature. All these characteristics of cloud hosting stimulate the people to select or choose the cloud hosting.

Importance of web hosting

Web hosting is very necessary and important for any type of business or education. It allows the users to launch their own website easily. It also provides the space for the website.  

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