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Posted on 18th January 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Web Hosting

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The domain names are important for the people who have websites and online business sites. The domain names provide the users more help and chances to make better online recognition. These are the online addresses to find someone online. There are proper systems for the registration of the domain names.

The people who use dedicated server should take care of domain names because these servers are independent workers. The dedicated servers are different than shared hosting servers. The dedicated server allows the customers or users to reach the site faster than shared hosting severs. Why it allow faster access? Actually, the dedicated system uses its own memory, powers, processors and spaces. The people who have all these things can access the site faster than any other server.

Get the dedicated server plans:

For the registration of the domain names for your web pages it is important to find the sites that offer domain names. You have to make a unique and attractive domain name for your web page. Take care when making or selecting the domain names because it is associated with the server plans. Do you have a dedicated hosting server? Then you must get the dedicated server plan for your web page.

This step is important for the registration of the domain names. The plans and services will present online but you should choose the plans and services that are fit for your websites. The costs of plans are different. The prices are offered for one month package. The packages are offered for windows and Linux operating system so the rates will be different. The hosting plans should fulfill all the current and future requirements of your online systems.

Register the unique name:

For the registration of the domain names it is required to find the websites that provide search options and services. The domain names you have selected should be checked online. This checking is important to find whether the domain name is original or in use. If the domain name is in use you can’t use it. Try your best in different preferred combinations to get the original domain names. The option of “register” will be used for the permanent registration. Insert your most wanted domain names and click the register button. Select the extension and click the “proceed” option to continue the process.

Control panel password:

After the registration of a wanted domain name you have to choose a unique ID and password. This ID and password should be case sensitive. It will be used for the setting and management of the domain and hosting system. The dedicated server domain names should be cared by protecting with passwords so no one will get access to your account. Remember the password and ID of your domain account.

The hosting account should also be cared in similar manners. Billing or contact information should be provided after checking. Check the billing information once it is uploaded. Pay the required bills by accepting the terms and conditions. Now your dedicated server domain account is ready to use.

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