Rackspace Hits 100,000 Customers


Posted on 4th May 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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*Graph courtesy of datacenterknowledge

Growth at Rackspace has been fueled by customer interest in its cloud computing services.   “There is a tectonic shift underway,” said CEO Lanham Napier. ”We believe the opportunity in front of us is massive.” Later Napier said “he expects the cloud computing market to diverge into two segments – a commodity cloud segment where customers are focused on pricing, and a service-oriented cloud segment focused on performance.”

“Our strategy is to be the leader in that service-oriented sector,” said Napier. “Our target market is businesses who are willing to pay for a world-class quality outcome. There is a class of customer out there that wants fanatical support, and is willing to pay for it.”

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