Pronto Group Rolling Out a New Cloud Offering


Posted on 14th April 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Pronto Group, with a move to offer instant scalability, redundancy, power and performance, is rolling out a new cloud offering. Company officials said that dubbed CloudPronto, the new division offers the same enhanced reliability and affordability guarantees as ServerPronto – in the cloud.

CloudPronto’s cloud servers are based on VMware’s virtualization technology.  They bring the power and high availability of the cloud to the dedicated server model.

“Imagine being able to move an active server from one host server to another without ever loosing connection to vital services, and being able to provision a server or upgrade a server’s hardware on the fly,” said Octavio Diaz, operations manager at CloudPronto, in a statement.

Full Cloud Pronto Article

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