Oracle 11g Database in the Cloud


Posted on 8th February 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Amazon Web Services said earlier today that its plans to add the Oracle 11g database to its cloud hosting services this year. This will enable users “to perform relational tasks and development work on an on-demand hourly basis.”

Unveiled on Amazon Relational Database Services running Oracle Database web page to educate potential users about the service. The website also enables those interested to sign up to be notified when the service goes live.

“Customers were really excited when we launched Amazon RDS for MySQL because it allowed them to run familiar MySQL databases while offloading the operational responsibilities and capital costs associated with physical servers and datacentres,” Raju Gulabani, vice president of database services at AWS said in a statement.

“Enterprises asked when we will offer the same functionality for Oracle databases. We are pleased to share that we are not only releasing it soon, but are ready to have conversations with interested customers so they can plan for future deployments.”

We’ll see what the new Oracle 11g cloud hosting solution does for the average person, but I believe that it’ll help a lot of people out!

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