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Posted on 27th January 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Intel Labs announced a $100 million cash investment to develop and open several branded “Intel Science and Technology Centers” in U.S. university research.  Intel plans to disperse this money over the next 5 years into several Universities.

The first University to get funding to help cloud server research will be Stanford University.  It will focus on creating innovations around the cloud. Researchers at Stanford will collaborate with a community of researchers from seven other universities and Intel’s Core processor with combined visual and 3-D graphics will “be a key R&D platform” for researchers. Other focus areas of Intel Research Centers will include visual computing, mobility, security and embedded solutions.

This is a wise move by Intel to get younger people involved in the cloud hosting world and coming up with new and innovative ways that we can save money as well as the planet around us.  Cloud research centers like this will determine the future if you ask me.  It’s forward companies like Intel that will lead the way in new innovations in the cloud.

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