Onapp Offers Cloud Computing Software: Version 2.2


Posted on 12th August 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Onapp Cloud Computing Software

One of the leading players in producing cloud computing software is Onapp, who offers quick software solution in no time for the hosts. They offer quick and reliable solutions with respect to reliable virtual machine oriented software with fulltime after and before service support.

Onapp Cloud Computing Software

The recent emergence of version 2.2 by Onapp is a definite cloud management software. The features of this software are assumed to help heavy and extensive service providers and is costly too so it is favorably designed for large enterprises. So it is the target of mass market out there seeking cloud oriented solutions. This version is said to be compatible with virtual technologies. The new version is accessible to the extensive hosting services provider and is launched for installation that may take little time as possible. The previous users of precedent version of Onapp cloud management software will merely need an upgrading of software and just following easy guidance from support team they will enable to get the new version working.

The experts of Onapp assumes to bring affordable yet versatile solutions for cloud computing and bringing simplicity in computing transactions and never ignoring the quality and full functioning aspect in the software that will bring their reputation on stake. They have embedded the feature of auto escalation in the software that is an exceptional feature the experts have claimed. Thus the element of user friendly aspect has been encrypted in the cloud management software version 2.2.

Onapp are proud to earn the market size of more than 500 cloud hosting groups and this feature of its operation has set Onapp apart from its rivals and competitors. The well known features of version 2.2 include:

Auto scalability:

The auto scalability feature has enabled the technical knowhow of auto scale up and auto scale out. These two different dimensions deal with virtual host differently the auto scale in demands for more virtual connected appliances resources mechanically conversely, auto scale out focuses on enabling the virtual machine to fulfill the demand of resources.

Load Balancing Feature:

The load balancing feature has been supported by loadbalancer.org. This feature will help in managing the overloading of clouds cluster in the server and thus retaining the performance of the server. Load balancing allows the modification and upgrading of applications and move around the way they wanted to operate in cloud.

Onapp claims to bring more productive features in cloud computing and seeks the changing trends in hosting market so well know about clients emerging need for a more affordable and safe computing servers.

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