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Posted on 16th November 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting


Microsoft Lync has just been launched. This product is a new instant messaging service that comes along with great conference capabilities. Microsoft Lync belongs to a series of cloud products, being available for Microsoft and Mac end users. This product supports different content management, collaboration and communication capabilities, providing 24/7 professional support. Obviously, the product features some great security functions, ensuring a truly cost-effective way to do business.

The new Microsoft Lync combines the well-known Microsoft services, including Lync and Exchange, with different other security and support functions, such as mobility and backup tools. These tools allow users to directly backup their applications on different web hosting servers. The control panel is very intuitive, ensuring a facile administration, which usually does not need any technical support. Microsoft Lync belongs to the next generation services that relate to instant collaboration, conferencing and messaging and for this reason, it integrates the most advanced web-conference tools.

The end users can easily manage whiteboard sessions, meetings, video chat, voice chat and instant messaging. This system is very useful for the big corporations, which run numerous offices and have remote employees. Complemented with directory and security integration, Microsoft Lync presents the most-advanced service for unified communication. This service is also able to provide additional connections, such as Outlook Web Access, for various accounts that are opened with specific web hosting providers.

Therefore, this new product presents a series of functions that combine various facilities, which also connect different IT components. Due to the great capabilities of Microsoft Lync, the participants can share applications and ideas, schedule online meetings, share their desktops and integrate different computing functions. With the help of Microsoft Lync, the users are able to collaborate and communicate more than ever before. And although the product presents a stand-alone service, it highlights an entire Cloud Suite that provides different capabilities, which are very useful for most web hosting companies.

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