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Posted on 20th May 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Google has been making a strong pitch to enterprise programmers at its I/O developer conference yesterday and today with the unveiling of a business version of its App Engine application hosting service and with new cloud portability initiatives in partnership with VMware.

“What we hear loud and clear from medium and large enterprise customers is wanting that cloud platform to build their own applications on,” said Matthew Glotzbach, Google Enterprise director of product management.

Google launched App Engine two years ago was only for developers of consumer-oriented Web applications who wanted to host their software on the Google cloud infrastructure.

App Engine for Business lets IT administrators set security policies for accessing the organization’s applications, and features a pricing scheme of US$8 per user per month, up to a $1,000 monthly maximum. The product is only¬† available to a limited number of customers(I would imagine just the big guns), but Google hopes to open up access to it later this year.

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