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Here’s how Nasuni describes their product

Our software is an elegant, downloadable virtual NAS appliance that runs on a server in your office. Called the Nasuni Filer, it is designed to resemble a traditional NAS, but it has more than traditional talents. Itʼs the Filerʼs job to monitor the cache and direct traffic to the cloud, and itʼs through the Filerʼs simple interface that you select your cloud provider, manage your volumes and performance, and use your file protection tools.

  • Trusted third-party clouds provide the storage.
  • Capacity is unlimited and adjusts automatically.
  • Choose from a selection of clouds.
  • Divide files among providers.
  • End-to-end encryption secures files on your premises.

With Nasuni, your files will need significantly less management. The Filer integrates your NAS with cloud storage automatically, manages your provisioning automatically, and, as a default, protects your files with snapshotting and the inherent redundancy of the cloud. Still, we give you the controls you need to protect and manage your files exactly as you wish to, in a package that retains the look and usefulness of a traditional NAS.


  • Organizations need only pay for the storage they use.
  • Organizations don’t need to install storage devices in their own datacenter or offices which will tend to lower power, cooling and floorspace costs.
  • The service provider takes care of issues such as maintenance contracts and many categories of operational costs.
  • Nasuni’s clever caching mechanism offers good performance and easy management of storage resources.
  • It is possible to have data and applications stored in several different storage clouds to achieve very high levels of availability.


  • Security and who can access storage in a multitenet environment such as those offered by all cloud storage supplier
  • Performance
  • Reliability and availability

Thanks to ZdNet for the Review!

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