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Posted on 2nd August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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I have gotten a lot of different questions about how to make money with cloud hosting.  What do you think, how can a person make money with cloud hosting?  There is so much money being tossed around out there in the cloud hosting world.  Think about it?

BluHost pays out $90+ to affiliates to drive them a sale of $6.95/month.  They won’t even break even until year 1. Then they’ll make big bucks.  Take Rackspace, they pay out 5% for life on the server that you sell to your clients.  ReliaCloud pays out $25 for a cloud hosting signup. So there are several ways you can make money online through cloud hosting.

Other ways you can make money online through cloud hosting is to use cloud hosting for your online business.  Think about it, if you are saving money switching to the cloud, that’s like making money online right?  When you save money you can put it to other things.  Cloud hosting is a great way to save some of that extra cash that you have been spending on your dedicated server or VPS server. Making money isn’t always about spending money, it can also be about saving money. Cloud servers are a great way to save money online.

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