Liquid Web’s Complete Hybrid Cloud

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Posted on 12th May 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Liquid Web, announced earlier today a major new feature for their cloud computing platform Storm On Demand called “Storm Bare Metal”. Storm Bare Metal gives all of the Cloud Hosting features that users love about Storm Servers like instant server setup, clone, resize, backups and Cloud Attached Firewalls but on your own private dedicated server wholly allocated to you!

Storm On Demand Bare Metal Features:

    --  Hybrid configurations:
        --  Manage Storm Cloud Servers and Storm Bare Metal from the same
            management tool.
    --  Dedicated Hardware:
        --  With Storm Bare Metal the server you are paying for is not shared,
            it's wholly and completely yours.
    --  Complete Hardware Transparency
        --  With Storm Bare Metal you can specify the exact CPU, RAM or Hard
            Drive Drive configuration you need
    --  Secure Private Cloud Hosting
        --  Storm Bare Metal customers do not share physical server resources
            with other users. This enables the privacy of a dedicated server
            with the flexibility of cloud hosting.

All Storm On Demand Servers Include:

    --  Instant Server Setup of Cloud Servers or full Dedicated Bare Metal
    --  Easy Horizontal or Vertical Scaling
    --  Utility Style Hourly Billing so you only pay for what you use

Storm on Demand Features Coming Soon!

    --  Load Balancing
    --  Windows Server Images
    --  Storm On Demand API

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