Is Amazon The Cheapest Cloud Hosting Provider?


Posted on 4th June 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Cloud computing is a technology that has been around in the field of information technology for some time now. The technology has grown today to a level where simple cloud computing service has become more reliable and many cloud hosting services are available for the people. These services are beginning to be utilized by many small and large scale companies to their advantage.

Implementing cloud hosting is viewed as a cost effective step for any company. There are so many cloud hosting service providers available today and it is even possible to find a service provider over the internet. Many of the reputed online companies are also providing cloud hosting service to the companies and it is now possible to get these services through the internet.

Amazon is a big name on the internet itself and is a name that many people trust on the internet. Among the many cloud hosting service providers, one of the most prominent names one will hear on the internet is Amazon. In fact, when you talk about cloud hosting service provider that is cheap, Amazon is the first name that comes to the mind.

It is said to be the cheapest cloud hosting service provider on the internet. How much of this is true? Many studies regarding this has revealed that Amazon is in fact among the most feasible and may be the cheapest cloud hosting service provider that you will find on the internet.

When you compare standard instances type with other cloud hosting service providers on the internet like elastichosts, cloudsigma, storm, opsource etc, there are certain things which come to the light. Some of the standard instance parameters when compared with the other service providers stay on the cheaper side, but not everything is the cheapest when compared to other service providers.

However, Amazon is not the cheapest cloud hosting service provider that you will find on the internet, but with the name and reputation of Amazon, it does promise certain amount of trustworthiness. If you move away from the normal instant types from Amazon, the cloud hosting packages are no way cheap when compared to other service providers.

Various comparisons show that there are cheaper cloud hosting service providers available on the internet. With the kind of reputation Amazon holds on the internet world, it is rather easy for many people to choose the service provider. It is also a fact that when you compare service from Amazon with many other service providers available on the internet, although it is not the cheapest option available, it is considerably cheap than many others.

When you are choosing a cloud hosting service provider, it is important that you compare different rates from different service providers. The comparison of hosting service should be done by considering what you expect from the cloud hosting service. When you are aware about what you need from the web hosting service, you will be able to search for a better service provider and also get a better deal for what you are looking for.

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