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Posted on 1st June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Mark Cravotta discussed recent developments at Datapipe in a video interview with Marc Farley from 3PAR, one of Datapipe’s storage partners. This video runs about 5 minutes. According to Mark, Datapipe is experiencing “massive growth” all accross the U.S., Europe and Asia, driven by demand from existing customers and new sales of services on its cloud computing platform.

Stratosphere, Datapipe’s fully managed, private and secure virtualized platform allows clients to deploy, customize and seamlessly implement virtual servers in minutes. Traditional cloud platforms utilize multi-tenancy. The current requirements for many forms of compliance are at odds with the shared infrastructure model of cloud computing.

Datapipe delivers secure, reliable, compliant virtualized solutions. These “private clouds” enable your business to reduce costs by running software applications in virtual machines on fewer, highly scalable, reliable enterprise-class servers. Your business benefits by tapping into additional cloud-based resources, as needed. No code rewriting is necessary. The solution is secure and SAS 70 compliant, and reliably delivers on SLAs. And it’s all fully managed by certified, experienced professionals.

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