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Posted on 5th August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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We haven’t really heard from IBM in a long time.  Well, today IBM and ActiveHealth Management unveiled a new cloud computing and clinical decision support solution that will enable medical practices, hospitals and states to change the way they deliver health-care, providing better quality care at a lower cost.

IBM cloud hosting is ramping up and this seems to be a hot topic.  The medical industry could gain a lot from cloud servers as long as the cloud hosting servers are safe and secure.  If health care information was available to all physicians out there, they would better be able to treat and tend patients in a more effective manner.  This could change everything. Medical cloud hosting is the way of the future and will be available here in the next couple years. If deals like this happen more, possibly even sooner than that.

“‘Our health care system needs solutions that can help physicians collect, connect, analyze and act on all the information available to improve a patient’s health. Our solution makes this possible in real-time at the point that care is delivered,” said Greg Steinberg, M.D., CEO of ActiveHealth Management.

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