How Important Is Cloud Hosting To The Future Of Video?


Posted on 4th August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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There is an every growing concern about my iPhone4 that I have. You see, each movie you download on iTunes is over a gigabyte in size. If it’s in HD the file size plumps up to a few gigabytes. That’s per movie! Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4, has a maximum storage limit of 32 GB. If you’re lucky, that means 10 of these movies.  So what if I could access my data from anywhere in the world on the fly, from my own personal cloud server? How would this affect the way we all view our little PDA’s?

Netflix is the big success right now in terms of Hollywood content online. How do they do it? Increasingly, it’s through streaming. Hulu? Streaming. Apple’s model will obviously be different. But if they can convince the studios to allow customers to store their purchased movies on Apple servers (maybe in that new massive data center in North Carolina) and stream them as they need them, it will solve the storage problem.

When are they going to release a cloud hosting solution for us movie loving people?  I want to be able to put all my movies on a cloud server and access them when I am on a plane (with wifi of course), when I am on a business trip, when I am at work and bored out of my mind ;)!  The future of video is in the cloud.  Now when is a company going to come out with a GOOD solution that we can all use.

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