How Important is Cloud Hosting to PPC Experts?


Posted on 19th May 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Having your websites up and running 100% of the time is crucial to your PPC management accounts.  If your website isn’t online and you’re driving traffic, you are wasting valuable time.  Doing this not only hurts your bank account and conversion but will also affect your click through rate in the future.

PPC experts spend so much time on getting people to your site, optimizing your traffic and visitors to get you more conversions.  Why would you waste all that time and money doing that if you are going to have you website on a virtual host that goes down every two seconds.  It’s so important to have either a cloud server or dedicated server for your site to be live on.

Basically, get a cloud server with enough specs that your website won’t be starved when you bring on the pay per click traffic to it.  Having the right cloud hosting, with the right company (see top cloud hosting companies) and the right PPC management company will bring your online business success.  Best of luck everyone!  Go cloud hosting!

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