How Cloud Hosting Can Help Small Businesses?


Posted on 1st October 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Before we go to a deeper discussion, I would like to introduce to you first about what some web marketer’s buzzing topic these days – “Cloud Hosting”

Cloud Hosting also know us “Cloud Web Hosting” is a cloud-hosted website in multiple or limitless servers connected with each other. It refers in operating under a bulk computer infrastructure (cloud) that every website owners can intercept with the use of own local computers.

Cloud hosting breaks the traditional web hosting services wherein limited only to a single dedicated hosting service. In Cloud hosting, you will have limitless access to large number of servers that will give capability to add and scale new server in an instant. Any cloud-based hosting website has the power to spread its computing contents and needs then crossed the entire computer infrastructures without worrying any web hosting technical aspects or regular hosting chores such as device repair or replacement, loading security and hardware performance. Another great thing about cloud hosting is you would only pay for what you use.

Cloud hosting offers instant functional resources to multiple servers that can be allocate to the most needed, heavy and rush website usage could not be a problem because it spreads out evenly to the entire network. Furthermore, any failure in a cloud networks will not affect any underlying piece of hardware on the hosted websites.

Here are some benefits effects of cloud hosting in small businesses:


Visualized the bigger pictures of own small online business, I’m sure you want your own business to grow and expand into a large one; more traffic – more sales – more money. When you want your online business to grow, cloud web hosting will give you a bigger bandwidth that is very essential in increasing internet traffic. When your website needs to grow, cloud hosting grows also with you to make and expand your website instantly and naturally.

Cost saving, Inexpensive, Scalable and Manageable

Cloud hosting is inexpensive solution in every small and starting online business because it offers a manageable and fixed budget monthly payment schemes. Another best thing with cloud hosting is you will only pay for what you need. Cloud hosting companies will only charge you based on the amount of computing power you consumed. It’s just like your regular house bills – telephone or electrical bill where in you pay-per-meter or minutes of consumptions.

Technology now a day is highly scalable. Choosing cloud hosting will avoid so much hassles in migrating websites from shared to a dedicated server, you will not need to worry about hardware upgrades, load balancing or even server crashing; all this outlying problem can be avoided instantly by choosing cloud web hosting.

Hassle-free, Secure, Reliable and Convenient

Cloud web hosting is well maintained, hassle-free and convenient to use, it offers a 24/7 support from cloud web hosting experts. It is very secure, reliable and convenient so you don’t need to call another IT consultant for an error server issues. It is also promised hassle-free networks that could save time and costing from electric bills that may lead to a higher-level of productivity.

Space Saver and Environmental Friendly Technology

Larger and bulky server unit is very spacious in much small business which does not have sufficient office space. Using cloud hosting services can be able to maximize your office space. For a cloud hosting environment, all you need is a small or a regular room enough for cloud web hosting. Moreover, it also offers an environmental friendly technology which illuminates the amount of power consumptions that you used in a large server or any other server equipment; cloud hosting used only a remote access to the cloud host, data storage and backup facilities using the cloud platform.

It is better to use cloud hosting technology in small or medium- sized businesses rather than investing on your own server. Cloud hosting becomes a ladder for a gradual and continual success in an online business related to the emerging technology advancement which might give opportunity for a cost effective, hassle-free, reliable, secure solutions for IT, software, hosting, system back up and communication need that is fully obtainable and manageable under one roof.

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  2. Jesse Labrocca says:

    I’m a webmaster. I had heard few of my friends telling me about the cloud-hosting but I was not getting much of it as I was new to it. I’ve read your whole post, it’s quite knowledgeable, I came across many new things about the cloud-hosting. It’s quite useful for small businesses being conducted as that of now. The best part of the post is about “Hassle-free, Secure, Reliable and Convenient”, it was nice knowing it.

    Thank you.

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