HostingCon 2010: Cloud Storage Adoption, with Mezeo


Posted on 19th July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Steve Lesem gave a great presentation on “Cloud Storage Adoption: Public, Private, Enterprise, and Service Providers”.  The presentation talked about the different ways companies can use cloud storage technology to meet the needs of their customers.  Here are the main points about cloud storage:

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  • How economics alone isn’t necessarily what will drive the technology of cloud storage.
  • Reasons why the marketplace is adopting cloud storage, such as tagging and searching capabilities, file sharing and collaboration, and the fact that it has a service oriented architecture.
  • The main part of the whole speech was the “cloud storage maturity model”, which is based on actual cloud storage adoption processes in the industry.
  • The market is in currently level 2, where there is a separation of public and private clouds.
  • He said that the industry is expected to be in level 2 for quite a few years before moving onto level 3, where hybrid clouds will run see the interaction between public and private clouds.
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