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Posted on 6th May 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting |Cloud Hosting Reviews

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This hosting provider’s services are as straightforward as its name. With five data centers placed in strategic locations across the U.S., has invested in both SAS 70 and PCI certifications as well as in building a reputation for unbeatable support. is also recognized for its guarantees: 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction, 100% Uptime, and Hardware Replacement.

Formerly known as HostMySite until its 2009 merger, has cultivated its cloud product to include four standard products: Cloud VPS, Cloud Enterprise, vCloud Express, and Cloud Dedicated. Its Build Your Own Server options have also carried over from its conventional server brand to allow customers to get quotes on individualized cloud products.


  • Redundant Infrastructure
  • Unprecedented Flexibility
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Customer Portal & Rapid Provisioning
  • High Performance Storage
  • Cloud Nine Cloud Hosting


Pricing and deployment time run along the same vein as the core qualities of the cloud itself: manageable and seamless. Standard packages range between $65 to $125 monthly for your basic options, but custom quotes seem to be required for the more involved cloud hosting products, like Cloud Dedicated.

Reliability and Uptime: promises 100% Uptime and backs it up with a guarantee.

Control Panel: has a total customer access control panel that allows you to operate at the helm of your hosting account.

Customer Support:’s support team is award-winning and boasts “3 Rings or Less” phone support and around-the-clock technical support.

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