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Posted on 6th December 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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The new Google ebookstore opened today.  They are launching with around 4,000 publisher partners.  4,000 is the figure for the US launch, but internationally they should have around 35,000.

They are reported to have all the major publishers signed on.  This is estimated to be providing a total of around 300,000 in-copyright works, mostly likely including anything you could buy new at any other bookstore.

GoodReads is their first (and only, at launch) “affiliate network” partner; eBooks services will be tied into the social reading site and revenue will be split three ways.  The major publishers will be taking 70% of the list price, others will be taking 52%, and the many independent bookstores and publishers Google has negotiated with have their own undisclosed rates.

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