Google App Engine’s #FAIL


Posted on 3rd June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Google is finally acknowledging that the performance of the product’s datastore has been low for weeks.  As many of you know, App Engine’s Datastore performance has been seriously degraded over the last few weeks. In addition to May 25th’s 45 minute Datastore outage, applications have seen an increased latency and thus errors as a result of timeouts.

The datastore problems in the App Engine components, have been caused by the platform’s growth, which has outpaced server capacity, Google said in a blog post on Wednesday.  “There are a lot of different reasons for the problems over the last few weeks, but at the root of all of them is ultimately growing pains. Our service has grown 25 percent every two months for the past six months,” the blog post reads.

Later stating “We want you to know we are taking the current problems with the Datastore very seriously. We have put other Datastore projects on hold to dedicate more people to accelerating improvements to Datastore performance, and to our datacenter configuration. We expect the Datastore may still have a few issues for the next two weeks, as we respond to the problem. After that point you should begin to see rapid improvements in performance, back to normal levels. Until that point, however, we believe Datastore performance may continue to be at a level that we feel is unacceptable.”

The Google platform will need to get the these performance problems under control in order to earn my trust back… Anyone else?

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