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Posted on 29th June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

, , , , , , announced the release of a coupon code ‘FREECLOUDSSL’. The code gives to customers of sCloud (Shared Cloud Hosting) plan an opportunity to add Free ‘Essential SSL’ certificate to their cloud hosting service plans.

sCloud features 100 GB SAN storage replicated for redundancy, 1,000 GB premium monthly bandwidth and allows Cloud account owners to host up to 100 different websites as cPanel add-on domains. The customers of sCloud hosting plan manage their websites through cPanel’s familiar interface ‘Domain Owner Panel’. Their websites are hosted on a fully redundant, clustered infrastructure. The sCloud features IP load-balancing for the services featured in the hosting plan.

“We offer to owners of quality high traffic websites an opportunity to move their dot-com business on the Cloud hosting platform trouble-free. They don’t need to start learning Cloud computing. We have made possible for them to use cPanel/WHM on the cloud, so the only thing they do from the moment they sign up with is to start using Cloud computing class High Availability hosting service”, said the founder of the Dimitar Avramov. He has also added that the ‘Essential SSL’, a digital security product which the added as a free complimentary service to sCloud customers, made the plan the most affordable Cloud hosting service on the market.

More about cloud hosting services: Reseller cPanel/WHM Cloud Hosting

Last month the announced the launch of its Reseller Cloud Hosting called ‘RCloud’. It makes possible for company’s resellers to use familiar Reseller Hosting control panel of cPanel Inc. – Web Host Manager (WHM) – on the cloud. rCloud features 2,000 GB of premium bandwidth, 100 GB quality replicated SAN storage and allows clients to host up to 200 websites on a high availability, load-balanced cluster of servers.

Cloud Resellers get private DNS, free Dedicated IP, Cloud Analytics, Antispam, Antivirus, Horde Groupware E-Mail and other features typical for the L.A.M.P hosting services. The rCloud support mySQL 5, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2 and Perl 5.8 software versions.

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