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Posted on 2nd August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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EvoApp  announced it has selected the Stratus trusted cloud servers to host its production environment. EvoApp deploys its offering on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, enabling its clients to use advanced, in-depth analytic tools that help them better understand their clients’ requirements, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.  By deploying its service through Stratus, EvoApp obtains increased performance, decreased latency and is able to flexibly provision additional server space on an as-needed basis. http://gallery.mailchimp.com/f5eb95c271af1582b1a86ee4c/images/evoapp.jpg

“We were previously running our applications using another cloud provider, but it wasn’t meeting our needs or the needs of some of our largest clients,” said Joe Davy, EvoApp’s chief executive officer.  “We found ourselves facing disconnects between our application and web servers.  Moreover, our web application servers and database servers were at different locations, response time was not what our customers expected.  We needed to ramp up our infrastructure; the Hosted Solutions cloud solution provided us with the ability to do so.”

EvoApp new cloud servers were selected because of their strong background in VMware, Sun, EMC, Cisco, F5 and Juniper at its five SAS-70 Type II data centers located along the East Coast.  “We knew that speed was a crucial element for EvoApp, and designed an implementation that would exceed their needs,” said Kevin Farnham, Hosted Solutions’ regional director.  “We were able to develop a solution that cut EvoApp’s data transmission time by 90 percent and load times by 30 percent.”  “Hi-Touch was a critical factor in our decision to choose Hosted Solutions,” Davy noted.  “Having access to real-time support around the clock gave us a much higher degree of confidence.”

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