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Posted on 26th May 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting |Cloud Hosting Reviews

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The Etelos Platform Suite is a comprehensive solution for enterprises to publish and distribute Web-based applications and services for businesses, organizations and users. It is made up of four platforms available as individual solutions or as an integrated suite. View the full Etelos Cloud Hosting Demo.


Etelos has three things working in its favor. One is a dynamic billing engine that adapts to each developer’s pricing preferences. For instance, some developers want to charge on a per-use basis. Others charge on a subscription cycle. The second item in the company’s favor is its value-added strategy. Etelos takes customer requests for additional programming and gives it to them… Third, Etelos is growing more applications that share data among related databases in a user’s account. For example, a contact in one application will talk to the content in other apps.

Unlike rivals such as, and Google, Etelos is offering developers a way to move… to the cloud with little modification needed.  Etelos also has services for helping developers sell, license and scale Web applications… Etelos is a PAAS (Platform as a Service) provider with a familiar twist.  Where other frameworks require developers to code parts of their applications to work with the cloud service in question, Etelos’ development environments enable software makers to bring their standard LAMP-type applications to the cloud with little or no modification required.

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