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Posted on 8th June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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SOA Software announced its award winning Service Manager product version 6.0. Service Manager 6.0 provides advanced virtualization, management, security, monitoring and mediation capabilities for SOA and Cloud Service, implemented using a state-of-the-art OSGi-based architecture. SOA provides the foundation for a successful transition to an Enterprise Cloud Operating Model. It delivers standards-based security, routing, mediation, monitoring, and management all thanks to SOA Software.

Service Manager 6.0 delivers:

--  Policy-based Mediation for integration with multiple platforms: Policy
    sharing and enforcement between commercial platforms becomes easier
    with Service Manager. Service Manager enforces and implements policies
    through advanced service virtualization, allowing declarative
    enterprise service federation to create relevant and consumable
    service interfaces across any platform, policy, message type and
--  Extensible binding framework: Service Manager provides out of the box
    support for SOAP, REST and POX services with an extensible framework
    allowing customers to add other binding with ease.
--  Security Federation: Service Manager supports advanced security
    federation standards, providing enterprise-class token, authorization,
    and PKI capabilities for SOA and Cloud Services.
--  Open Architecture: Service Manager leverages an OSGi-based
    architecture providing a flexible, reliable, and high-performance
    solution for the most demanding enterprise environments.

“Enterprise Services initiatives are about more than just SOAP Web services, they need to include REST, RSS, Atom and other web 2.0 and emerging technologies, such as Cloud Computing,” said Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software. “Service Manager 6.0 provides an extensible operational governance solution that allows customers to implement and enforce uniform policies across a wide array of service types, message exchange patterns, and transports, helping ensure the security and availability of critical assets across a wide range of business initiatives.”

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