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Posted on 30th August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Egnyte announced today at VMworld the availability of its Enterprise Local Cloud solution on VMware. Egnyte ELC can be deployed as a virtual appliance on any VMware Virtual Machine, allowing organizations to deploy a hybrid cloud storage solution on existing infrastructure  whether that includes big iron equipment, low-cost commodity servers, or a heterogeneous mixture of the two. Users can access company information in the cloud at Local Area Network speeds.

Egnyte’s merging of virtualization and cloud computing allows organizations of any size to deploy cloud storage solutions on existing hardware cost-effectively. Once the domain of smaller companies and departments, cloud storage allows large organizations to take advantage of the cost, deployment and management benefits of the cloud without replacing existing infrastructure. Enterprises have spent years building robust, reliable and secure storage environments, and now they can merge their existing infrastructure with the flexibility and accessibility of cloud storage solutions. Almost as important in today’s dynamic business environment, ELC lets organizations deploy cloud storage quickly and cost-efficiently.

“Egnyte Enterprise Local Cloud gives us LAN-like speeds in accessing our files,” said Piotr Malinski, IT Manager, Semperian Asset Management Ltd. “By deploying the software as a VMware VM, we are able to repurpose existing hardware, giving us the best of both worlds: access from anywhere using the Egnyte Cloud File Server, and fast local access using Egnyte Local Cloud.”

“Our larger customers needed a way for their distributed users to operate at LAN speeds,” said Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte. “Egnyte’s Enterprise Local Cloud gives organizations the ability to provide their users with fast, reliable access to documents while they’re on the road, in a branch office, or working from home — without dramatically re-engineering the entire storage environment. Earlier, large organizations were locked into big iron deployments. Now they can leverage virtualization to achieve low-cost file serving and cross-office collaboration.”

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