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Posted on 2nd January 2013 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

As bloggers, as many of me and my colleagues are, we are always keeping an eye on what the newest “thing” is out there.  Being on top of things online is probably one of the most important skills we develop.  Well, if you would allow me to flex my awareness muscles briefly, I would like to chat about a new type of model that is experiencing huge success.

Today we have resources to more online than we could ever dream of as little as 15 years ago. The two biggest successes of information sharing in the last 20 years are easily recognizable as Facebook and Google.  I would like to look at a more focused arena. is one site that has impressed me immensely for the ideas that they are basing their model on.

There are millions of Hispanic Americans who are extremely skilled, and want to do what you or I do.  Blogging can be addictive!  TareasPlus is a company that is teaching these Hispanic Americans all of the skills they may have missed on, such as Mathematics, Science, Physics, and the other skills needed to pass high school exams, or equivalent certifications.  This allows for a much greater contribution to new areas of business, blogging and online work included.

The people at TareasPlus are also tapping into what I would call a wide open market of the cloud!  They have been able to get over 7 million views just in the last three months!  I would call this a huge opportunity.  We know for a fact that the number of Hispanics in America that need this education is huge, based even solely on this amount of traffic.  Obviously, we all know about supply and demand, and right now, the demand is huge, while supply is still in need of growth.  Thanks to this company, we are starting to see progress.

Whether people did not have the opportunity to learn these skills earlier, or they were just content where they were at, we have now seen a content delivery for learning that is starting to be unrivaled in these skills that are so badly needed.  When we are looking for ways to make money online, one of the first things we look for is the need in society for the service you are providing.  This guarantees a steady market for traffic.  I would suggest we all take a look at this site at

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