Difference Between Cloud Hosting And Shared Hosting


Posted on 2nd March 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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It is a real fact that some things and features are common for shared type of hosting and cloud hosting. The first and important similarity of these both types of hosting is that both are economical and simple. If you are using the shared or cloud service then you can save your lot of money in this way. The cloud hosting charges the cost only for the space and power consumed by the user.

Therefore it is an economical service for the people. Similarly if you are using the shared hosting then you will pay less to hosting company. In shared service hundreds and thousands of users use the same server therefore it is more economical. There are also some big differences between the shared and cloud services. The difference is that cloud hosting service is free of any type of interference and problem. Therefore cloud hosting provides regular service to his clients and users.

A large no of servers and computers are used by the cloud service and these servers are located around the globe. Therefore if there is an electricity problem in one country then other computers and servers will handle this situation. While in shared web hosting only one server is used by the thousands of the people. Therefore some time this sever becomes slow down and problematic due to more traffic of visitors. This is a big drawback of this type of hosting service. If you want to have piece of mind and regular service then cloud hosting service is a best choice in this case. The cloud service offer great service and packages for the people.

What does cloud service offer?

The cloud hosting service offers great packages and features for the people. The user can scale up the cloud hosting service in some situation when there is more traffic of visitors. Similarly if the traffic of visitors is very low then user can also scale down this service. Therefore the user can modify the features and packages with time according to the situations.

It is a most important and effective feature of this hosting type. The user can have a large no of benefits and advantages with the help of cloud hosting service. Similarly the user will pay only for space and power that he has used. Therefore there is no any type of extra charges and fee. The mode of billing is just like the electric meter. The billing is according to the work and space covered by the user.

Some unique features of cloud service

  • It provides remote access to account
  • It also provides free access to internet connection
  • Cloud hosting offer extra packages within the same cost
  • The customer can also use the additional services
  • Online billing is possible
  • Easy to use and handle

These are the important features of cloud hosting service for the people.

Stability of cloud service

The cloud service is more stable and regular because it uses a network of computers and servers.

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