DediPower’s Plan to Kick-Start Managed Cloud Migration


Posted on 27th April 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Five Point Audit To Kick-Start Managed Cloud Migration from DediPower
1. Understand the scale of your business requirements
2. Recognize the true value of data/websites to your business
3. Ensure all associated costs including downtime
4. Analyze the commercial and operational benefits of cloud hosting
5. Look at tomorrow’s needs, today!

DediPower‘s whole focus “The Cloud is the culmination of technologies which together form a highly resilient, scalable and sometimes geographically distributed application platform. This allows you to rapidly deploy new software, scale it as demand increases or decreases, and increase reliability, performance and uptime – while at the same time efficiently use available resources and ultimately reduce costs.” Cloud Scalability and cloud reliability are their focus it seems from an expert taken from their website.  They seem like they will be a true player in the cloud server arena.

Full Managed Cloud Migration Story

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