New Community for Cloud Users launched by Compuware


Posted on 22nd April 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Compuware has launched a dedicated service for cloud computing users.  Their cloud technology (known as Cloudsleuth) will help “assess response times from various cloud providers.”

“We’re going to be adding features between now and the official launch,” said Richard Stone, Compuware’s solutions manager for cloud computing.  Stone said that one of the key aspects of the site was to demonstrate that the Internet was not some sort of flat terrain, with the same level of accessibility for everyone.”The Internet is not flat, and you don’t get the same sort of experience everywhere you go.

Apparently it helps to determine load speed and location “It’s not quite real-time, it takes a couple of minutes to re-load,” he said, “but it’s near enough. But it also provides location-based reports from where you actually are.”

Later Stone added that the site will be free, adding that Compuware will not be collecting any identifiable personal information. “We want to encourage people to sign up – the whole purpose of the community is that the community builds it.”

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