Computer Server Shot by Drunken Mortgage Worker


Posted on 25th August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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shutterstock_18255388.jpgDrunken Utah mortgage company employee in Salt Lake City, Utah fired shots on the mortgage companies computer server last night.  Right after opening fire on the server he called the local police and told officers that someone stole his .45-caliber weapon and shot the server.

Joshua Lee Campbell was charged with a felony for criminal mischief and three misdemeanors:

  1. Carrying a weapon while under the influence.
  2. Lying to police.
  3. Public intoxication.

Investigators said the 23-year-old Salt Lake City man called police on Aug. 12 and claimed a man stole his gun and fired into the $100,000 computer server owned by RANLife Home Loans.  Investigators say they determined Campbell returned to the office late at night after drinking at an evening concert and he shot the server. Police say Campbell told them he was mugged, assaulted and drugged by a mystery man.

I thought this was a very funny story but proves a point that you shouldn’t have your servers laying around the office.  You should switch to the cloud and have your server in a cloud hosting providers facility.  If this Mortgage Company would have followed these instructions, they would still have a server and all the information that they potentially lost.

Thanks to KSL for the news story!

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