Comparison Between Cloud Hosting And Free Hosting


Posted on 16th March 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Web hosting has an important part of our life because it is necessary for the development of websites and blogs. If you want to launch your own website then you need to contact with any hosting company so that you can arrange the space for your website. The web hosting companies offer different packages for the people.

The cost and budget of web hosting depends upon the type and nature of website that you want to develop for your self. The important packages and types of web hosting includes free hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The cloud hosting is a new addition in the world of web hosting.  The properties and features of these packages are different from each other.

Free hosting feature

The free hosting is totally free hosting and it is very suitable for the students and individual persons. If you want to use the website for your personal use then it is better to select the free hosting. It is very convenient to use by the people. The free hosting is a choice of millions of people in the whole world because it is totally free of cost.

If you want to use the free hosting then you don’t need to contact with any hosting company because it is free of cost. You can upload you files and pictures on the free hosting website. The important disadvantage of this hosting is that it is not safe to use. Any other person can pick up your data and information. Therefore you cannot use this hosting service for your secret information’s and for business.

Cloud hosting service

It is not a free service instead it charges some cost for the space and power used by the customer. It is a new technology and its popularity is growing in the world. The main and important features of this type of service are that it is secure and reliable. Similarly you can use this service with peace of mind because there is no chance of any problem and interference.

Cloud hosting is controlled by a network of computers and servers located around the globe. Therefore if there is a problem with one server then the other server will compensate or handle the situation. Similarly another important feature of this service is that the user can login to his account in any part of the world.

Therefore the specific computer is not necessary for this account instead the user can use this service any where and on any computer. These are the important characteristics of cloud hosting service and it is has become a first choice of the people.

Comparison between free hosting & cloud hosting

There is a very less similarity between the free hosting and cloud hosting. The only similarity is that both types of hosting are very easy to use and control. There are a lot of differences between these services like free hosting is not reliable and secure as cloud hosting. Similarly there is also a cost difference between services.

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