CloudLinux And Its Future Strategies


Posted on 14th November 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting


The CloudLinux operating system, which has been developed especially for shared hosting, announced that it is currently running on 5,000 servers worldwide. Although for some individuals this figure might seem quite modest, it actually highlights an increase of 100% in six months. The increase is especially due to the fact that this system ensures a high efficiency.

The efficiency relates to the fact that the system isolates every single user account with a new technology, known as LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment). This operation allows the administrators to limit the memory, CPU, and any concurrent connections, which are available to the server tenants. With the help of the LVE technology, the system can easily prevent the so-called “bad neighbor effect,” which can be very harmful in shared web hosting.

Therefore, it seems that the CloudLinux has finally found a solution to the number one shared-server stability issue. This way, the users of the CloudLinux platform are able to enjoy the best possible shared hosting alternative. As a result of this incredible strategy, CloudLinux is finally able to see an exponential growth.

For the moment, CloudLinux operating system provides a suitable support for data centers, shared hosters and any other platforms that need or provide commercial services. And this is because the system provides a dense and secure environment, which can literally maximize the efficiency. These days, about 500 web hosting services are running the CloudLinux operating system. This number is increasing daily, as the system gains popularity.

Additionally, more and more web hosting partners are adding this system to dedicated and VPS servers. The new features of the CloudLinux also include MySQL Governor, which is able to provide control over different MySQL resources that are available to numerous end users. Anyone should also be aware of the fact that CloudLinux is about to release a new service, known as CageFS, which ensures the privacy of different data. For the moment, CloudLinux offers professional support 24/7 and many updates.

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