Cloud Server Applications: What is Cloud Hosting?


Posted on 5th September 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting |Web Hosting |Why Cloud Hosting

In order to understand What is Cloud Hosting, it is first and foremost essential for you to know more about cloud computing. This is because the whole aspect of cloud hosting is built on a solid rock cloud computing server environment. Cloud computing system simply entails use of integrated virtual servers, which run as software-independent server units. What this means is that the servers have all the software that is required in order to run effectively without depending on any centrally installed software.

Cloud servers are a form of virtual dedicated servers (VDS) but the difference is that in the traditional virtual dedicated servers, the software systems are placed on a single hardware server. This means they are vulnerable to single point failure if any software fails.  Cloud computing relies on distributed file system whereby files are spread over multiple hard discs and server machines.

This provides redundancy, enhanced network connectivity speeds and improved reliability with minimal downtime. The data is never stored in one place and if one unit fails, another server unit automatically takes over thus ensuring that you are online all the time. Cloud hosting is a web hosting service that runs on many different servers ensuring that a failure in one server does not cause disruptions or service failure on your network.

Cloud hosting is suitable for mid level hosting needs, as well as those server applications that require special configurations that may not be best achieved in shared hosting. For example, websites running on PHP Apache module can be configured in every way so that they fulfill any requirements. When examining What is Cloud Hosting and its benefits, it is essential to point out that is that it is suitable for the resource-hungry applications. If your server hosting needs require high level of memory and central processing unit- CPU as well as much time to run, then cloud hosting could fit in as the most affordable solution.

It is cost effective and highly reliable with enhanced network security parameters such as SSL encryptions.  Cloud hosting allows capacity pre-allocation and this means that you can upgrade resources on demand. With this hosting option, you get lower prices for higher resource applications but in the long term. Businesses that are seeking for ways to scale down their hosting expenses can adopt this form of server system. When you have a website network that experiences constantly amount of traffic throughout with only a few peaks, you can use cloud hosting system to pay for the peak overusage meaning that you do not invest too much money on the dedicated capacity. This is why this hosting system is suitable for midsized to bigger sites that witness constant traffic.  In essence, from this explanation of What is Cloud Hosting, you can learn that it is a stimulated form of dedicated virtual server system. It gives website hosting companies and business owners the ability to scale their web hosting costs while ensuring that they achieve high uptime in their server services.


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