Cloud Leverage Perfecting How Applications Perform in the Cloud

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Posted on 20th May 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Leverage has been promising that they will improve how applications perform in the cloud.  What I don’t get is what CTO Jonathan Hoppe said in a recent interview “We will not be providing cloud computing,” Jonathan added that “Cloud Leverage also offloads the connection management from the Web servers to its platform to reduce server costs and cut down on server/client interaction. Meanwhile, with Cloud Acceleration, Cloud Leverage can scale edge server resources based on demand to deliver high-quality Web experiences to end users.”

“What we’re doing is cloudifying it and making it available to the entire internet,” he said, adding Cloud Acceleration pulls traffic and makes it available to everyone instead of requiring an appliance in all locations to receive optimized traffic.  Cloud Acceleration runs $150 per month.  At the present time, Cloud Acceleration and Cloud Leverage doesn’t have a partner program.

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  1. Stuart Dodson says:

    Thanks for the post and taking notice of what we’re providing to the market. I did want to provide some clarity and address your questions. There is a debate on what’s right for customers regarding their “cloud” strategy, and there seems to be confusion in the market on cloud computing as an industry vs. cloud as an enabling technology for customers. We are focused on the latter, using the cloud to help customers relieve their data center burdens and deliver the rich media and data they need to their customers, partners and internal audiences. We are not delivering a full internal cloud infrastructure service that a client would need to manage and implement, rather providing a cost-effective service that alleviates the need to add and manage servers to their networks.

    Regarding acceleration, traditional CDNs rely on edge-caching with servers in a large distributed footprint of global datacenters that adds cost for the customer. Leveraging our existing infrastructure network allows us to securely accelerate traffic for customers who want to avoid the frustrations of high latency, packet loss and other issues inherent in the public internet. Instead, we solve these problems at an affordable rate for both small and large organizations.

    Lastly, we actually do have a partner program that was publicly launched in April, and we have specific opportunities for datacenters, hosting companies, SaaS providers and consultants amongst others.

    Thanks again for taking notice, we look forward to reading and hearing more in the future.

    Stuart Dodson

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    21st May 2010 at 11:13 am

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