Cloud Hosting – The New Technology That Is Creating Wonders


Posted on 16th May 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting


Technology is just growing with no limits. Cloud computing and cloud hosting are terms that the world have been hearing for some time now. This technology is getting more and more acceptance on the internet world as time goes on. Many companies and internet giants are already using cloud hosting technology to their benefits.

A large number of cloud hosting service providers have also come up in the last few years, promising a bright future for this technology. Every internet user by now would have got an experience with cloud computing knowingly or unknowingly. Internet giants like Google has already implemented the technology and are promoting it extensively.

So, what exactly is this cloud computing and cloud hosting? It is a technology in which data is stored in a group of servers rather than a single server. In a single cloud, there will be multiple servers. Therefore in cloud hosting, the files and data regarding the website is not stored in a single server.

All the information is distributed along different servers in the cloud. Thus, the website will be using resources from all the available servers in the cloud, which makes it a high performer. When you say cloud server, you are talking about a virtual server.

There are many characteristics of cloud hosting which makes it a top option for people involved with website hosting. One of the main features of Cloud Hosting is that it is extremely dynamic and flexible.

With the changing needs of the user or customer, the Cloud Hosting service providers can make changes to the cloud servers and their infrastructure. With Cloud Hosting and cloud servers, the service providers can now offer the customers a true 100% uptime as there is a little chance for the cloud server to become unavailable.

Controlling the cloud hosting services and managing the resources stored online is also very efficient with cloud hosting. The users have options to manage the cloud hosting server with separate control panels and also have the option to automate the controls with separate software. Resource pooling is another feature of cloud hosting services.

Different resources available with the could hosting service provider can be merged together virtually to form a powerful virtual server. This resource can be divided along the different customers who demand the service. According to the need of different websites hosted on the cloud, it is also possible to allocate resource to them. The resources include memory, processing power, bandwidth, storage space, email services etc.

Cloud hosting services can really contribute to reducing the costs of the company. Many people believe that the best feature of cloud computing is the ‘pay as you use’ method of pricing. This kind of a consumption based billing can really help companies to bring down their costs. Many cloud hosting services use methods to track the usage of resources by the customers which make sure that the customers pay only for what they use. The technology is fast growing and one can expect to see cloud computing technology to be the technology of the future.

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