Cloud Hosting Risks


Posted on 24th August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Is cloud computing worth the risk? Cloud hosting risks are always going to be a concern, but then again hosting your website on a server is a concern.  I agree that it can be a risk but there are several thousand people out there working on cloud servers trying to make them better. developed an open source platform called CloudStack.  CloudStack was designed to reduce the complexity of building the cloud infrastructure on just one company or person. has received more than $17 million in funding to help this project grow.  This solution “accelerates the deployment, management and configuration of multi-tier and multi-tenant private and public cloud services for enterprises and service providers.”  By standardizing the cloud, it will help everyone to be on the same page and have a standard system.

This program helps people like you and me outweigh the risk of switching to the cloud. Cloud stack is the way of the future. Open source cloud computing will help us to develop our current systems and make them better.  No one person can beat a team.  The more people you have working together, the better a product will be.  As long as you all have the same goal!

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