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Posted on 22nd July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Heroku says NoSQL is the right technology for cloud servers and is offering a variety of NoSQL systems as add-ons to its platform. Heroku is a cloud front-end system that specializes in launching Ruby applications and running them on Amazon’s EC2 public cloud. Cloud Hosting for Ruby Apps is the way of the future.

According to Heroku’s, their website is currently running 73,000 Ruby applications on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud Servers. On July 20, they announced that thousands of these customers already use its add-on services for both relational and NoSQL database systems.

“NoSQL datastores are key enabling technologies for this new generation of web apps,” said Byron Sebastian, CEO of Heroku. The NoSQL system designers strive to use data already in server memory rather than unloading from disk. They also make use of the Map/Reduce technique of retrieving data from a server’s disk, then processing it on the same server instead of moving it around the cluster.

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