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Posted on 17th February 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Dedicated web hosting is a best solution for the people who want to use more sophisticated and better hosting service. The dedicated web hosting allows the user to use a single and separate server. Therefore it is a more advanced and better technique for the people. This hosting service is very best for huge business and developed companies. This hosting system is more secure and reliable than other types of hosting services.

No body can access to your account if you are using the dedicated hosting service. The cost of this hosting is greater than other hosting services therefore it is not affordable for a common person.  If you want to enjoy the features of dedicated web hosting but you don’t have sufficient budget then you can have the same features with the help of cloud hosting. The cost of cloud hosting is less but it provides the same features to customer as by dedicated hosting.

Dedicated and cloud hosting similarities

There are several similarities in dedicated and cloud hosting. Anyone should know about it before taking this service. The first similar aspect is that both types of hosting are reliable, secure and better. Similarly the customer can enjoy a wider space with both types of hosting. The dedicated hosting offers new and latest features to customers and clients.

Similarly shared hosting also offers the same features. Therefore there are many similarities between the dedicated and shared hosting services. If you want to enjoy the same features of dedicated hosting at low cost then cloud hosting is a best solution for this purpose. This hosting has become a first priority of the people in the whole world because it is reliable and regular service.

Difference between dedicated and cloud hosting

There are also some difference between the dedicated and cloud hosting. The first and important difference is that the dedicated hosting is expenses than cloud hosting. Similarly the second and important difference is that the dedicated hosting offers an individual server to client. The cloud doesn’t provide the individual server to customers.  

The third important difference is that cloud hosting uses a network of computers and servers to provide best service to client and customer. The service of dedicated hosting may be interrupted due to any factor like abrupt electricity problem. Instead the service of cloud hosting is regular and free of any type of disturbance and problem. It uses several servers located around the globe. This feature enables the regular service to customers and clients.

Priority of Cloud hosting

The cloud hosting has become the first choice of the people and there are several reasons behind it. Some important factors include the reliability, regular service, lower cost, low hardware installation and software’s.  Due to these features most of the people always like and prefer to use the cloud hosting for their business. It is a desire of each person to have a regular and cheaper service therefore cloud hosting is getting popularity day by day.

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