Cloud Hosting: A proper definition and understanding of the term


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Cloud Hosting is a term which is commonly used in web hosting. Web hosting can be understood as a platform where a webpage is hosted so that other people using the internet can have access to it. There are instances where companies or individual rent their web hosting services to other companies or individuals who need to host their websites but don’t have access to a platform. Web hosting is also a term which is commonly used in relation to data transfer in cases where the website owner must transfer data or actually update his website through the hosted server or computer. This is actually common since in most of the cases, the website owner doesn’t update his websites from the host’s workplace but rather further away in his own workplace.

A hosted server or computer can be understood as the virtual space, especially a hard drive, which hosts the live website. In most cases, there are so many hard drives which are combined to act as one central server where people can update their hosted websites or simply host new websites. Website owners have access to these hard drives through the internet via FTP clients, therefore there is no need for physical presence of the owner in case of updates or data transfer.

Note that, there are several categories of web hosting with cloud hosting being among the top. Cloud hosting is closely related to cloud computing which can be understood as methods, techniques or activities which can be performed on a virtual server or a system which is available online. Some of the activities done in cloud computing include editing files or other IT related tasks. This new and advanced technology uses the actual cloud as a symbol where users will store files, have access at all times etc.

In general, a cloud-hosted web site works on multiple connected servers as opposed to traditional hosting methods were people used one server for hosting services such as dedicated/VPS hosting. In cloud hosting all websites are virtually hosted on multiple servers which increase the speed at which they can be accessed. This is a positive characteristic since it attracts more visitors which translate to more profits for the website owner. Virtually, the processing control is limitless as you’ll be able to add a replacement server and scale up anytime you want.

Below are some of the notable characteristics of cloud hosting

  • The infrastructure used in cloud hosting is dynamic
  • There is minimal management of the platform hence users can serve themselves to whatever they need in most cases
  • The network access is broad making it more efficient for users.
  • There is also pooling of resources hence users can share information etc

Nowadays, cloud computing is slowly changing into a well-liked hosting preference among users worldwide. Though there exists a distinction of opinion on which kind of hosting trumps the opposite — whether or not it’s ancient, Virtual personal Server (VPS), or cloud hosting; Most of the corporations in this day and age prefer the use of cloud hosting services since they have proved to be more efficient and more effective in comparison with other traditional hosting services.

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