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Posted on 10th August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting |Cloud Hosting Reviews

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Cloud Central is located in AU with their own private “cloud” in a secure data center in Canberra.  They provide an easy way for a person to sign up for cloud hosting with a very user friendly back end. This makes it easy for cloud hosting customers to upgrade on the fly.


  • Pay As You Grow – Start from just 3c per hour / $20 per month, and pay only for what you use
  • Rapid Scalablity – Cloud Servers offer instant scalability, increase or decrease your capacity at any time
  • Instant Provisioning – Cloud Servers can be created and running in under 2 minutes
  • Free Load Balancing – Cloud Servers can be load balanced for FREE for optimum performance
  • Persistent SAN Storage – Cloud Servers feature persistent mirrored ZFS SAN storage


The Cloud Central platform is Xen (v.3.3) based.  What’s unique is that users receive guaranteed CPU share that is burstable to the entire CPU available on the server. Even more intriguing is the way in which the company has defined its unit of cloud computing, choosing to use the nomenclature of a nano, or 1/8th of a CCU as its base offering. The CCU is a standardized measure of compute power that Cloud Central devised to define a unit of measure to compare the performance of cloud infrastructure CPUs. Cloud Central’s Cloud Server range starts with 256MB RAM, 16GB of SAN storage space, 1/8 CCUs and a single CPU core. The Cloud Central Cloud Server range features cloud servers including small, large and extra-large units available up to a maximum of 8 CCUs, 16GB memory, and 1024GB of SAN storage space for Australian $1.92 per hour.

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Reliability and Uptime:
SLA is 99.9% uptime.

Customer Support:
Cloud Central was created from the very beginning to be a provider that our customers can rely on. There are real people behind the web site, and your Cloud Central support team is available to you 24×7. At the same time, they strive to make your experience as user-friendly, straightforward and error-free as possible, so that the need for customer service is kept to a minimum. Your data will be located in Cloud Central’s own private “cloud” in our secure data center in Canberra.

Sign up today, and have a fully functioning data center in five minutes

Traditional on-premises solutions require a lengthy process of issuing RFPs and comparing equipment, time-consuming deployment and testing, and high up-front costs. Cloud Central lets you get up and running right away.

The process is simple

  1. Signup for the Cloud Central private beta program.
  2. Login to the Control Center.
  3. Choose a Cloud Server size starting from 256 MB memory, 16 GB SAN storage – 1 CPU through to 15.5 GB memory, 1 TB SAN storage and 4 CPU’s.
  4. Choose from one of our 64-bit operating systems, including CentOS 5, Debian 5, Ubuntu 9, and Windows Server 2008 R2, with your choice of pre-installed web, application and database software.
  5. Your new Cloud Server will be ready to use in less than two minutes.
  6. You’re in business! Start deploying your SaaS applications and take advantage of Cloud Central’s superior infrastructure.

CloudCentral Server Provisioning Evaluation from Andre Leibovici on Vimeo.

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