Cloud Based Server Monitoring Solution by MonitorGrid

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Posted on 17th May 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Linxter, Inc., announced earlier today the release of MonitorGrid.  It keeps tabs on the performance, storage, and network activity of Microsoft servers, regardless of their network or domain. Running on Azure and wired with Linxter, MonitorGrid users enjoy secure and reliable two-way communication between their Microsoft servers and the MonitorGrid interface.

“MonitorGrid is brilliantly simple to use, and provides me with a great feature set,” said Esteban Garcia, Partner at M2E Solutions. “Because it is cloud based, I didn’t need to acquire any additional hardware, and I also don’t need to provide resources for, or worry about the system administration of it. We were up and running in minutes, with no training required.”

“The combination of an easy-to-install service, an easy-to-use web app, extremely competitive pricing, and two free servers for every account makes MonitorGrid an ideal solution for watching the health of your servers,” said Jason Milgram, Linxter CEO. “Currently, MonitorGrid supports Windows servers, and Linux support will be added in the coming months.”

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