Choosing Between Cloud Hosting And Dedicated Servers


Posted on 4th May 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting


Websites have become very common these days. Every business enterprise or even individuals own websites today. The number of websites on the internet is only going to go up in the coming years. The technologies in use today do already seem not enough to meet the increasing demands of the industry.

Cloud hosting technology is however gaining popularity among website owners and is becoming the choice of website hosting methods on the internet. Many existing website owners are also changing their service to cloud hosting because of many reasons. For any website owner, especially for business organizations, it is time to think about getting their website to a cloud hosting service provider.

Today too, many companies are finding it difficult to decide between using cloud hosting services and dedicated web servers. There is a vast difference between these two services, but they are both equally popular on the internet today. In case of dedicated web server, the business will be leasing hardware and related technologies required to run the website.

It has to be said that for a company which is relying largely on an online income, dedicated servers would do better than the other options. The type of website hosting plan chosen mostly depends on the type of business the company is involved with or the model they follow.

When it comes to cloud hosting services, they are more flexible and dynamic in nature. The cloud hosting server is not a single hardware device or resource. It is a cloud of multiple servers which serve to the needs of the website. Any amount of resources can be requested from the service providers according to your needs.

The quality of service and the performance of the server will be better compared to the other types. The requirements of the server can be measured and adjusted according to your needs while you are using cloud hosting servers. This seems more effective considering that in cloud hosting, you only need to pay for what you actually use from the available resources.

When a change is needed in the hardware requirements or any resources, it is easy to apply these changes. Since there are multiple servers included in a single cloud, if you take any single server, the resources will be shared by more than one websites. This is what currently stands against the wide usage of cloud hosting because when there is sharing, there is a question of security.

The security issues related to cloud hosting are being addressed by the experts today and it won’t be long when we see these issues being sorted out and cloud hosting becoming way more popular than it is now. Cloud hosting is a great way of reducing the costs incurred to the company due to website hosting activities. Both the type of hosting services offered by service providers holds its own benefits and advantages. The decision on which type of hosting the company wants to use is largely dependent on which type of business model they follow and what business the company is involved with.

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