Chinese attach Google Cloud Hosting Accounts: NYT Report


Posted on 21st April 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Remember back mid-December attack that stole intellectual property from Google when someone provided evidence of a Chinese human rights activist  hacker attempting to access Gmail accounts?  The source told the New York Times that the losses from that attack included a password system controlling the access of millions of users around the globe and nearly all the company’s Web services.  The ones in questions that they are talking about is the Email platform hosted on Google’s’ cloud servers.

“Still used by Google, but now known as “Single Sign-On,” this breech has sparked security and privacy concerns over the use of cloud-based systems. Google’s alone, after all, stores the personal information of millions of individuals and businesses.”

Read Full Google Cloud Hosting Hack Story

It’s hard to believe that someone would ever want to steal information from a cloud hosting platform.  WTF?  Is our data secure on the cloud server platform?  What are your thoughts about data security on cloud hosting platforms?  Is cloud server security safe?

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