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Posted on 28th July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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We all knew this would be coming, a user certification program for IT professionals dealing with cloud computing program is now being drawn up and you will be able to take the test on it’s cloud security knowledge.

According to the CSA, the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is meant to ensure people with responsibilities related to cloud computing are aware of security threats and best practices for securing the cloud. It is an important step in improving security professionals’ understanding of cloud security challenges and best practices and will lead to improved trust of and increased use of cloud services.

The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge provides individuals with a solid foundation in cloud security issues and best practices. Organizations that leverage this training will be better positioned to get the most out of their investments in cloud computing. In addition, the certification can be a large help with recruitment efforts as organizations can easily qualify the experience of an individual in cloud security if they have earned the CCSK certificate.

Online testing will be available starting Sept. 1, with the CSA offering discount pricing of $195 through Dec. 31. Regular pricing at $295 begins Jan. 1.

We have some big names on the certification board for Cloud Security.

Craig Balding, CloudSecurity.org
Randy Barr, Qualys
Glenn Brunette, Oracle
Gianluca D’Antonio, Chair of ISMS Forum Spain, Member of ENISA PSG, CSA Spain
Joshua Davis, Qualcomm
Gerhard Eschelbeck, Webroot

Leonardo Goldim,IT Security Strategy, CSA Brazil
Peter Gregory, Author
Hadass Harel, CSA Israel
Christofer Hoff, CloudAudit
Ben Katsumi, CSA Japan
Peter Kunz, Daimler AG

Ariel Litvin, CSA Israel
Rich Mogull, Securosis
Keith Prabhu, CSA Mumbai, KPMG
Jim Reavis, CSA, Certification Board Chair
Carlos Saiz, Partner of Ecija, ISMS Forum, CSA Spain

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